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VIDEO: Man Slaps Hollywood Rapist Harvey Weinstein at Arizona Restaurant

By admin / Published on Thursday, 11 Jan 2018 07:23 AM / No Comments / 1441 views

Someone decided to play “patty cake” on Harvey Weinstein’s face … and a bystander caught the whole thing on video so that we can all point and laugh together!

According to TMZ, Weinstein was dining with his sober coach at Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain resort in Scottsdale Arizona when two men sat at a table adjacent to his.

One of the men, identified simply as “Steve,” walked up to Weinstein and told him he loved his movies and wanted to take a picture with him. Steve said Weinstein became “belligerent” and told him to “buzz off,” TMZ reported.

The restaurant’s manager, however, said Weinstein wasn’t belligerent, he was actually “very sweet about it,” she said, and he (allegedly) told the guy “I’d rather not take a picture right now.” The manager said the two shook hands and Weinstein went back to stuffing his fat, disgusting face. But, whatevs, that’s NOT the point of this article.

Around 9 p.m., as Weinstein and his sober coach prepared to leave the restaurant, it just so happened Steve and his friend were on their way out as well, and Steve used that opportunity to do something for the culture. Steve, who told TMZ that he had “quite a bit to drink,” told his friend to pull out his cell phone and record what was about to happen.

Initial reports stated that Steve tried to “punch” Weinstein, but neither of the blows landed. However, video footage later shared by TMZ tells a totally different story. The clip shows Steve giving a messy-looking Weinstein two quick back-handed slaps to the face, and the hits were apparently hard enough to make the Hollywood rapist—who appeared to be drunk as well—stumble a bit.