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Tituss Burgess Unleashes on “Messy Queen” Andy Cohen for Eddie Murphy Question During Awkward ‘WHHL’ Interview

By admin / Published on Wednesday, 07 Aug 2019 17:31 PM / No Comments / 539 views

Tituss Burgess is definitely NOT here for Andy Cohen’s messy ways. The actor gathered Cohen on his own show and on Instagram, with both epic reads going viral.

Burgess appeared on Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live! on Sunday (Jul. 28) and was asked by a fan about his experience working with Eddie Murphy in the upcoming film, Dolemite Is My Name.

Cohen then asked a follow-up question about whether Burgess had any conversations with or got close to Murphy, given that he was “very problematic for the gays at one point,” referring to Murphy’s anti-gay jokes back in the 90s.

Burgess, an openly gay man, defended Murphy. “He wasn’t problematic for Tituss,” he said, while adding that Murphy must no longer have any issues with gay people.

But Cohen’s line of messy questioning clearly rubbed Burgess the wrong way. He made a meme-worthy face and mouthed a few words to the camera, which prompted Cohen to ask what he was saying.

“Keep going, girl. Do your show,” Burgess waved off the host.