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Malik Yoba Explodes During Interview Over Allegations He Solicited Underage Trans Girls for Sex: “What the F*** Is Wrong With You?”

By admin / Published on Friday, 04 Oct 2019 17:44 PM / No Comments / 667 views

Actor Malik Yoba was fully prepared to become a transgender ally and advocate when he revealed earlier this month that he is attracted to both cis and transgender women.

Unfortunately, his well-intentioned activism has become marred with allegations that he used to solicit underage trans girls for sex more than 20 years ago.

And things came to a head when Yoba exploded at a reporter who asked about the allegations during a taped interview with The Root, causing the actor to yell, curse, and walk off the set.

Shortly after Yoba publicly identified himself as trans-attracted, Mariah Lopez Ebony—a transgender woman—claimed in a social media post that Yoba paid her for sexual acts when she was 13 and 16.

“I don’t know the woman,” Yoba claimed in last week’s Root interview. “I have no idea who she is.”

Yoba became irate when the interviewer continued to ask questions regarding Ebony and her allegations.

Root interview excerpt:

The Root: What do you say to trans Black women that you’re centering yourself and being opportunistic, focusing on yourself instead of addressing their issues and without proving that you’re ready to do the work?

Malik Yoba: So you and I sat for four hours the other day and we decided how we were going to approach this.

The Root: We went through a number of questions…and we’re actually recording and the more you talk the badder it looks for you. The more that it looks bad for you.

Malik Yoba: What did you say? Really? This looks bad for me? Check this out. We’re done bro. We’re done. This is a set up. We said we were going to focus on policy and you want to stay on allegations. I don’t like this at all. This is not what we f**king discussed for four f**kin hours. And you stay on some f**kin allegations, f**k you. What the f**k is wrong with you? This my f**king life? What the f**k is wrong with you? This is not professional. This is life.

After going off for several minutes, Yoba ended the interview by throwing his microphone on the ground, demanding the cards inside the cameras so the footage couldn’t be released and, ultimately leaving the set.