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Jason Weaver Explains Why He Turned Down $2 Million Check to Do “Lion King” & Took Royalties Instead

By admin / Published on Saturday, 19 Oct 2019 17:59 PM / No Comments / 552 views

With renewed interest in The Lion King, have you been wondering what Jason Weaver has been up to? Don’t worry, the actor/singer is sitting quite comfortably, thanks in part to his working in the original Lion King film.

Weaver—who provided the singing voice for Young Simba—revealed in a recent VladTV interview that Disney offered him a flat $2 million to do the film. However, he turned down that offer because his mom was looking at the bigger picture.

“That amount of money, to an average middle-class family in Chicago in the early 90s, I mean … that’s something. But immediately, my mom goes, ‘Wait a minute,’” he shared.

“Disney had a reputation for re-releasing stuff…so she [Weaver’s mother] was able to see the playing field and go, ‘Wait a minute, this is going to make a lot of money over time, so what happens when my son turns 40? Is he going to be able to get a check for this when they eventually re-release this?’”

Weaver ultimately rejected the $2 million check and accepted $100,000, plus a share of royalties in perpetuity.