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Mahershala Ali to Star in Marvel’s “Blade” Reboot


During this weekend’s Comic-Con festivities, Marvel made a number of big reveals, including announcing the schedule for their next line-up of superhero...


Beyoncé and Jay-Z Meet Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at “Lion King” Premiere in London

When music royalty meets British royalty. The King and Queen...


Cinnabon Deletes & Apologizes for Carrie Fisher Tribute After Facing Backlash on Twitter

Tributes in honor of Carrie Fisher have poured in since her...


Debbie Reynolds Cause of Death: How Did Carrie Fisher’s Mother Die?

Debbie Reynolds, iconic actress, singer and entertainer, died...


“Britney Ever After” Was an Absolute Disaster and Twitter Could Not Stand It

Once upon a time, Lifetime was pitched and positioned as a...


Groucho Marx once joked, “Anything that can’t be done in bed isn’t worth doing at all.” You might think he was referring to sleeping and sex. But humans, at one time or another, have done just about everything in bed. And yet, despite the fact...

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